Background Information

Landscape Features
The images provide conceptual ideas for the key areas of green space within the proposed development, taking into consideration the local area and wider characteristics of the landscape and providing the potential for wider links to and from the residential development.

Key aspects have been examined within the proposed development including Children’s Play areas, Green Links, sports pitches associated with the school, Public Open Space, Informal seating areas and Streetscapes which are reflected in the images selected.

Surface Water Drainage
The proposed development site has two catchments due to the topography of the site. The northern catchment is to discharge to the watercourse located centrally within the site. The southern catchment is to discharge to the existing watercourse that is located to the north of the B3157 Chickerell Link Road.
The introduction of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS), i.e. attenuation ponds within the site, will restrict run-off from the hard surfaces ensuring that the total site is limited to equivalent greenfield run-off rates. The attenuation ponds would improve the quality of surface water run-off through natural filtration and storage of excess flow thus reducing flood risk.

Foul Water Drainage
The northern catchment is proposed to discharge to the existing public sewer located to the north of the central stream. The southern catchment is proposed to discharge to the existing public sewer located north of the B3157 Chickerell Link Road. Where offsite works are required, these will be subject to modelling works by Wessex Water to which the developer will contribute. Any improvements to the sewage treatment works are covered by the infrastructure charge which all developers pay to ensure the water company has guaranteed funds for future improvements.

An ecological assessment incorporating a desk-top study, extended phase 1 habitat survey and specific surveys for bats, badgers and great crested newts has been undertaken, with breeding bird surveys scheduled to be carried out in the 2015 season.

The scrub and vast majority of the grassland are of limited ecological value in terms of their species content, although there are smaller pockets of grassland that have a slightly higher species diversity.

Only very low levels of bat activity were recorded within the site, associated with the hedgerows.
The inclusion of bat boxes within the site will provide new roosting opportunities for bats.

Provision of bird boxes within the site and the planting of new native hedgerows, trees and buffer planting would maintain and enhance nesting and foraging opportunities for birds.

There are no ponds within the site itself, and no evidence of great crested newts was recorded within any of the ponds surveyed, although a small population of great crested newts is known from ponds to the west of the site.
Potential links/access
The means of access will comprise a new access road between Chickerell Link Road to the south and School Hill to the north of Chickerell. The junction with Chickerell Link Road will be a traffic signal controlled set at a stagger with the existing signals at Hampshire Road. The junction will include provision for pedestrians and cyclists duly linking with the Granby cycleway. There will also be additional pedestrian and cycle links to the existing residential area to ensure the two areas integrate.

Access to the proposed primary school will be from Putton Lane for staff and visitors with a separate parent drop-off served from the proposed access road. The drop-off will link to the school via a pedestrian/cycle path.

Access Plan Detailed Access Plan